Three Things to Consider for In-Law Suites

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When you have an aging loved one whom you feel uncomfortable leaving alone, one of your options is to welcome them into your own home. While they will appreciate your care and attention, your loved one will likely still want as much independence as possible. When this is the case, it can be best to consider adding an in-law suite (or angel house) to your property.

Three Things to Consider for In-Law Suites

Here are three things to consider for in-law suites:

  1. Consider the placement: The first thing to consider about in-law suites is the placement. Do you want a separate living area that is still attached to your home or an angel house or cottage-style home that is free-standing but on your property? Either option will offer the appropriate amount of privacy and independence for your loved ones while keeping them close enough to keep an eye on them.
  2. Consider the level of independence: Another important consideration for in-law suites is the level of independence you want to allow for your loved one. Some suites or cottages can consist of a single bedroom and bathroom, while others include a kitchen or various other rooms, so your loved ones can still enjoy as much independence as they can handle.
  3. Consider accessibility features: No matter how or where you design your in-law suite, you will want to include the necessary accessibility features for your aging loved one. This might include wider doors to fit wheelchairs, ramps, railings, etc.

In-law suites or angel houses can be the perfect way to keep your aging loved ones close and safe while still allowing them to live comfortably on their own. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.