Avoid These 3 Bathroom Remodeling No-Nos!

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When you are tired of an old, outdated or just plain unattractive bathroom, you might be thinking of performing some bathroom remodeling. Putting your favorite details into a new and fresh bathroom is something that many of us look forward to when it comes to bathroom remodeling. If you are looking at changing your bathroom, whether dramatically or with minor changes, you need to research carefully to avoid some missteps and mistakes. Here are several bathroom remodeling “no-nos” that our experts would like you to avoid:

  • Focusing only on looks. A bathroom is more than an attractive combination of tile, plumbing and porcelain. While it’s not as glamourous as looking at walk-in showers or large tubs, you need to think about proper ventilation for the space and a proper measurement for the layout.

Avoid These 3 Bathroom Remodeling No-Nos!

  • Forgetting to measure. There are standard measurements that every bathroom has, and every contractor knows what those measurements are. For example, the height of a countertop, the height of a light on a wall, and the width of a doorway are all critical elements of a functional bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom has taken all of these measurements into consideration, or it will function poorly.
  • Having an unrealistic budget. You don’t have to have a big budget to tackle a bathroom remodeling job, but you do need a realistic budget. Be honest and upfront about your budget and let your contractor help you find great materials within your budget for great results.

For more ideas of what you should do and what you should not do during the bathroom remodeling process, give our team a call here at Dorothy Builds LLC today!